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10 Little-Known Facts About Me

Well some are well known by those who know me

Carolyn F. Chryst, Ph.D.
2 min readMar 24, 2022


Selfie with Dog- photo by author
  • I am addicted to McDonald’s. There I said what you aren’t supposed to say. I crave their fries, the double cheeseburger (no onions). Every road trip my favorite part is the stop for sausage egg biscuit with hash browns, plain biscuit and hot coffee.
  • My Guilty Pleasure is Bruce Willis movies. I hope I die hard!
  • I still gush over Robert Redford, even 85 year old Redford. Oh my, that easy smile, jaw line and those eyes.
  • I am fan of Star Wars and Star Trek-all generations, Law n’ Order, CSI and NCIS. But don’t even think about interrupting me and Outlander!
  • I have not read a novel since 1998. The pursuit of the PhD murdered my ability to read fiction.
  • My favorite books growing up were all fiction. Little Women books, Dr. Doolittle books, and Secret Garden. As a young adult I was hooked on Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlien.
  • I read tarot and palms. Deeply spiritual but not religious.
  • I dance with depression.
  • My ideal human is an amalgamation of Jesus of Nazareth, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., John and Abigail Adams, Joan of Arc, Madame Currie.
  • I watch a lot of Youtube. Love learning new things- carpentry, fixing engines, gardening hacks, cooking shows, biographies and my latest addiction- Password!

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Carolyn F. Chryst, Ph.D.

An eclectic life: Waitress, Actress, Zoo Curator, Story Teller, Poet, Exhibit Designer, Writer, Farmer, Educator & survivor .. Writing, essential as breathing.