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Math aka “Truth” is Painful

Do it anyway, analytics on Medium


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Mid summer, I start to wonder have I reached profitability on Medium.com yet? Has the cost become a benefit yet? I do the math (or maths for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand readers) Alas, the answer is a painful, NO. What about last year? Though less painful, still NO.

The Medium Pay to Play cost is $5 dollars a month or $50 annually, a saving of $10 over the monthly fee for unlimited reading. In the Partners Program you earn money, okay pennies, for your treasured offerings. When you do the math, you discover you have to earn an average of 417 pennies a month to recoup your $50 investment.

I’ve been writing on Medium.com since February, 2021. Last year I balanced the profitability scale in August. By years end I banked $25. I ran my analytics comparing Medium pay-out to my savings account. Great news, Medium does pay better than a savings account!

This year is not looking so good. To just balance the scale in the remaining 5 months I’d need to earn $4.47 a month.

It might not happen as Medium has made a lot of changes this year. None of which seemed to have helped me. I’ve read tons on how to improve my reach. I’ve been curated, or is that distributed? Now we are to be boosted, what is that-who knows?

Apparently this article won’t be eligible for boosting as it is about writing on Medium. Oh well, being curated/distributed didn’t crack the code for me anyway. I hold out little hope for boosting — not that I’m whining about it.

I’ve done many of the recommendations for better outcomes on Medium. Here is a useful article on success tips-note Shannon Ashley talks of curation, not distribution, not boosting- but says I’m not to complain curation outcomes- HA.



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